I am a technology entrepreneur who grew up on a farm in Canada and has been running startups full time since age 22.

My work is motivated by the belief that we have powerful enough technology to solve all important problems facing planet earth and it’s inhabitants.

All of my work supports startup founders and investors who are working to make the world healthier or happier.

I found/run companies, occasionally invest in startups, and advise founders/startups.

My startups and investments: https://angel.co/kineshanko


Fund raising: I have raised 8 rounds of angel and venture capital totaling >$5M without ever losing founder control of my companies. I co-founded Walter, a platform that helps startups raise money

Product / user-interface design and Web applications: I have built web products that hundreds of thousands of people have used

Starting, setting up, building, running companies: legal/cap tables/equity splitting; recruiting building/running product teams; architecting, building, and launching software products.

Crypto currencies / blockchain technology: I founded / raised all funds for (as far as I know) Canada’s first bitcoin/ether fund generating a 94% IRR to investors over a two-year period. My personal investments in Bitcoin and Ether generated a 51X two year rate of return.

Financial and deal structuring: I was a co-founding equity partner in North America’s first publicly traded angel investment fund (GreenAngel Energy), founded one of the world’s first carbon finance companies which raised money for the installation of renewable energy technology that ultimately reduced >500k tonnes of carbon dioxide on three continents under the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (carbon market)

Running (and thereby spandex)!: I am a two-time NAIA All American in Track & Field (middle distance running)